The Red Thread Partnership launches the RTP Fellowship Programme

The Red Thread Partnership is excited to launch the RTP Fellowship Programme, a brand new initiative bringing together young leaders from all walks of life, in order to build a more cohesive and inclusive community in Milton Keynes.

Starting on the 12th May, the programme will see six carefully selected leaders from across all sectors, work together to develop their existing leadership skills, through supporting participating charities, MK Snap, MK Gallery and The Lighthouse Centre, and completing development workshops.

Tailored specifically to individuals, the course starts with getting to know each leader personally and the challenges they face, as well as providing psychometric questionnaires, in order to understand what will best suit each participant.

Throughout the programme, leaders will use Red Thread’s own Sustainable Leadership methodology to complete five workshops, with each focused on a specific dimension of leadership, helping them to deal with the big issues of our time – a topic at the forefront of the company’s purpose.

In addition, participants will also attend reflective learning sessions, where they will share the insights they gain from supporting their chosen projects, contextualising them against current best practice and leadership theory, as well as exploring how they can apply what they have learned in their own workplaces.

Discussing the purpose of the programme and why it was originally set up, Executive Director, Adrian Spurrell commented: “Myself and (fellow director) Freddie Guilmard chose to do this programme, free of charge to both participants and charities, because we think it’s the right thing to do – we live in times of change and what we need is to pull together and work together as communities, in order to grow together.

“We were inspired to set this up after the Paris bombings, as these tragedies really strike home and make you think ‘what can you do?’ The simple answer is, you can try and create a supportive community that looks after everyone. If you have an inclusive, resilient community, then in the face of the warmth and the care, the anger and hatred that drives those sort of actions will be defeated.”